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Anita AndersonDispelling the Myths of Single-Parent Adoption

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Are you single? Do you want to complete your family through adoption?

Is single-parent adoption even possible? Anita Anderson proves that it is. Join us as she shares her story about the adoption of her daughter Eva Maria at birth. Host Mardie Caldwell leads Anita back through her adoption experience, from making the decision to begin a family to the finalization of her daughter's adoption. Listen as Mardie Caldwell and Anita Anderson share how you, too, can build the family of your dreams through adoption.

Do you have what it takes to be both Mom and Dad? What impact will single-parent adoption have on your child? These questions and more will be answered by Host Mardie Caldwell and single adoptive mother Anita Anderson.

If you are considering starting a single-parent family through adoption, ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you have the support network you'll need to get through the emotional ups and downs of the adoption process?
  • As a single parent, can you provide the emotional support necessary as your child grows?
  • How will you provide your child with an opposite-gender influence?
  • Who will care for your child if you become ill?

Despite increasing acceptance of single-parent adoption, the illusion of a more difficult adoption process for single parents remains. With so many waiting children seeking homes, Mardie and Anita will dispel many of the myths of single-parent adoption and point the way toward your forever family.

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